Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hh is for Harvest Leaves and Horses… and Moose??

Box #1: Pages for the Alphabet Notebook for Hh!


Box #2: The same books that were in the box yesterday.  We only got to read one… so the second one was today!


We collected leaves from our yard and photocopied them to make a page similar to the one in the book:


They even got labeled:


And we had a little fun along the way:


Box #4 was Get Ready for the Code book.  This lesson in on the letter Mm, so it is kind of like we are still doing two lessons at once.


Box #5 was wipe off ABC handwriting worksheets.  Idea from here.  He did Bb, Hh, and Mm today.


Box #6 was a sheet of color wonder paper with pens!  He made “A Man” which looks more like a potato with legs, but it’s stinkin’ cute!


Box #7 was the current issue of ‘Big Backyard’.  And I kinda ran with the Mm thing today as well so we read two articles on Moose! 


Box #8 was Beginning Sounds Bingo.  This is borrowed from a friend and it is a really neat game!  Logan loved it!


Box # 8 Hh is for Horse lacing card.


Box # 9 was strips with our names on them to match to clothes pins with the same letters.  It is really great letter recognition work!


Box #10 was to assemble all our Hh work into our notebook.  We won’t be officially done until tomorrow, but I want to do Hh is for Halloween and have a bunch of things centered around that instead!


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