Saturday, October 1, 2011

Review day - This lesson was brought to you by the numbers 1 - 10 and Aa - Ee

We have been sick.  It wasn’t bad, just a cold, but it was one after the other after the other and then Don, me and the baby all at the same time which ended in a cascade effect of tired, grumpy mama. 

We are finally past that now and everyone is on the mend, but a full week of school was missed.  So some review started off our week this week.  And for Logan that meant numbers and Aa - Ee!

Box #1:  A tracing numbers activity from LaTeeDah.


Box #2 is a matching numbers game which he loves!  Can find it here (it was on the clearance table at Barnes and Noble last week).


Box #3 was a letter matching game that helps him remember how to spell his own name.  This time I added in “Mama” too.  Smile  Inspired by this pin.


Box #4 was the LeapFrog fridge letters.


Box #5 was a measuring rice Montessori activity.


Box #6 was a counting down from 10 book called “Ten Dogs in the Window” and even though it was not supposed to be for me, I cried!  The last page with the doggy all alone in the window just made me tear up something fierce.  My oldest came in and asked what was wrong.  lol!


Box #7 was a Ee tracing exercise inspired by this pin.


Box #8 was a “Rough and Smooth” Montessori exercise with a blind fold.  Those are still not his favorites but he is getting better and better at them!


Box #9 was a few kid yoga moves with Oops and Oopsie.


Box #10 was the I Spy preschool game.  This is the third time we have played this and honestly I think he was way past it when we started.  It is now down right easy.  I think it has been all that work with the older siblings on their level I Spy books (which they love and we have like 12).  Whatever it is, I think this one is getting packed away for Luke really soon.


After school we had a refresher in Wet on Wet painting.  Logan LOVED being able to paint as last year this was an activity saved for when he was down for nap.  Smile  He thought being included while Luke was napping was pretty much the best thing ever….  also, Wet on Wet is just really fun!


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