Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The First Day of School

What a crazy day! We had all the normal first day of school 'stuff'. The whining over who was going to get to do what, the talking at the same time, the baby wandering around wondering what he is supposed to do and constantly feeling left out, and the moments that make my heart sing that make it all worth it.

I set them up so we could talk about their schedules. I gave them each copies of what they were going to do on what days and then they got to ask questions. Logan sat and did his 'work' while we were chatting about our days.

After that, we started our calendar work. Cyan, on her own, decided she needed to do hers away from the brothers.

Alex was inside, but he also got his work done quicker than I expected. Their daily work includes calendar activities (suitable to their different ages and ablities) and then a critical thinking assignment, which is usually short, that gets their minds going.

After daily work and calendar work was Math... Alex is doing pre-algebra and doing pretty good at it, although he is getting stuck on silly things like not remembering how to do the same type of problem two minutes later. This will improve with time I am sure, as it took him forever to do his work today and he won't want to make that a trend. ;)

Cyan is doing Singapore Math for now until we get her Math-u-See stuff. I am not terribly impressed. Second grade and she is working on "longer" and "shorter". Needless to say, she got it done very quickly.

Then comes English. Today I had Cyan do a lesson in her Explode the Code and write words that were revelant to our Biology Lesson later. She did great! I am surprized at how fast this stuff comes back up and is useful.

The lesson she was working on is using Consonent Blends.

Alex had a creative writing assignment that came from ABC Teacher... he got to create an alien life form. Although he was annoyed that 'research' came into it, he eventually created a cool little critter from the Moon that is named JX49 and eats moon dust particles. He will have more time tomorrow to do this project in greater detail.

While all of this was going on, I was trying very hard to get the last of the strawberry apple sauce done. And it was strange to realise that doing that while school was going on was easy! Doing it while you have a toddler, however... not so much.

Not that he didn't find his own things to do.

Finding bugs under rocks is fun.

and of course, there is always playing soccer with the cat. Yikes...

After school is over, what do my children do? Well, they play dress up. Here is Cyan, as a Borg.

That is all from this end! Hope the rest of you have had a great start of school!

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