Thursday, September 11, 2008

Biology Lesson - Food Webs

Last week we studied Eat Your Rainbow... a way of eating that concetrates on color and of course, is mostly based on plants (not food dye.. lol!) The kids followed what they were eating for a week (or at least that was the plan) and figured out what colors they ate most... then we talked about how good each of those colors in nature were for our bodies. They were into it.... but didn't really understand it. So this week, I switched to food chains and food webs for an easier way to understand very similar information. Food chains and food webs has been a super fun set of lessons.

First, I had them compare and contrast two different plants that were in the yard (no better time to do this than in harvest season) and Cyan drew and colored them, and Alex wrote lists (after drawing and coloring them) to their differences and similarities.

Then I read the book Who Eats What?. It is an incredible book that explains quite a few things about food chains and food webs in perfect kid friendly language.

Then today, I had them read the book again, and make their own food chains (Cyan) or food web (Alex).

While they were doing that, I got a print out of Bill Nye the Science Guy's food web PDF file. After they were done with that, we watched his episode on the food web. It was a great end to the lesson... really hammering it in. I wish I could explain what I did better... But it was a great lesson. :)

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