Monday, September 22, 2008

Timeline of kids

We are doing the first lesson in Story of the World and it is all about history and what it means to keep records of peoples lives. Both the kids really enjoyed the project, although Cyan didn't really understand at first.

The idea was to get them to realise how history is collected. You ask them to remember as far back as they can, and then you go back farther for them in YOUR memory and you recreate their entire personal history. Because, of course, they don't remember being born, but it is kind of important that that would be on their personal timeline. You know? So you get to share that story with them and others from before they remember, and then slowly, you get up to the dates they remember, and you start adding those in too. For my kids, after we got to things they remembered, they took off, telling me everything that they can about the time I am talking about in our lives.
Basically it was to show the kids how to keep records of things they don't remember. Cyan remembers a lot. I was amazed! She remembers Don having a red motorcycle and him having to sell it. That was before she was 2 1/2. In contrast, Alex doesn't remember much before Cyan was born (he was 5).
It was an interesting and really fun project for all of us. I love that Cyan added things like when she lost her favorite baby doll, or that Alex added his baseball game where he hit the ball really well. Those kinds of things really make a kids life and the fact that they were able to be collected somewhere for them to go over was neat. :)

You can distinctly see the time when we didn't have a camera in Alex's timeline. From ages 3 to 6. lol... there are lots of blank spots. My camera got stolen and we could not afford to get another one until 2005.

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