Monday, September 8, 2008

Seeds, and Bugs, and other Fall stuff

On Saturday we had Nature Day.  The lesson we read had a story about how when the author was a little girl, she used to go out in the early fall and collect seeds by walking in her socks and having the burrs and seeds stick right in... then she would just plant her socks!  lol... I didn't sacrifice two pairs of socks, but we did go out and look for plants that had gone to seed.  We found tons!

Clockwise from top Left:  grass, dandylion, chive, nasturtium, coriander/cilantro, sunflower, calendula, borage (in the center of the old flower head) and fennel (the one in the middle is a stamen of a flower Alex found outside thinking it was a seed until closer examination).  These are just a few that we found in the yard.

Fall is also the time for bugs. 

Lots of bugs and bug like critters.    While we were on our seed hunt, Alex found this crazy caterpillar over by our fir tree. 

Terribly cool isn't he?  Right now, he is in a jar, looking to make a cocoon under a leaf at the bottom.  Hopefully it works out and the kids will have a moth or butterfly in a couple of weeks to release.  Crossing our fingers...

Cyan found a grasshopper today as well, and now the two bug like critters are hanging out next to each other in jars out on the BBQ (yes, outside. I am a mean mommy.) Logan was especially intrigued by the grasshopper and how it kept jumping in the jar. Hopefully, the poor thing survives my children's close examination.

The seasons are changing, and along with that, the leaves. 

This is about a month early for us, and it has been surprisingly cold lately, but sunny, and beautiful as well... so we'll take it. 

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