Friday, September 5, 2008

Our Schedules

Here is their individual schedules with the curriculum we are using for each subject. This is what I started with. The actual schedule came after I figured out how long each subject took for my kids.

Alex has a couple things that are still blank on his. We are not sure what he wants to do for electives nor what we can afford. So we are still talking/working on that with him.

Our school days are set up a bit differently than most. We switch back and forth with my husband's work schedule. We have four day weeks with rotating weekends. Every other month we have W, Th, F off, and every other month we have Su, M, T off. Yes... my kids always do school on Saturday because my husband always works. So far, our schedule has worked out just about like this:

It is a rough estimate... and of course, if we can get it done faster, we do. But for the most part, below is about what our days look like so far.

Our School Day Schedule

7:30 am

- Get kids doing their chores while making breakfast.

8:00 am

- Eat breakfast and make sure chores are done.

8:30 am

- Start school work with Critical Thinking and Calendar skills.

9:00 am

- Math

10:00 am (or whenever we are done with math)

- English/spelling

11:00 am (or whenever we are done with English)

- Break and snack

11:30 am

- Back to school work. Day one and three is Nature Science and Biology. Day two and four is History and Geography. Logan usually watches a Baby video at this time.

12:30 pm (or whenever we are done with Science or History)

- Lunch. Put Logan down for nap.

1:00 pm

- Meet the Masters, Art, or other elective time

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