Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Strange Nature, and some cool bugs

We have three branches that are completely red now. But that is all. Perhaps, few and far between, there is another half red leaf on the oak tree... but really, the whole rest of the tree is green aside from those there branches.

Like, really. Isn't that odd?

Every day now, my children find more bugs. Even Logan came in for a 'bug jar' today. Good thing I preserve food. It gives my children nearly an endless supply of 'bug jars'. lol!

This is a cool big spider Cyan found in the garden while picking tomatoes for our omlet this morning. Pretty cool isn't it?

It is wasp season too... wasps eat meat, not honey or nectar. So when I saw some at our lunch yesterday, I just let it pass, and tried to keep Cyan from screaming defence over her turkey-wrap. lol... but then, on her plate, I saw it. One of them was eating her lunch meat right out of her wrap!! It was crazy enough that we actually put another peice down for the next one who came along so I could take photos... they chew around in a circle, and then pick up the piece they have taken and fly off with it. It is completely odd... and totally cool to watch.

These next two pictures are out of focus... but it was so cool that I have to put them up here anyway.

Can you see the little sucker chewing around her turkey in a circle like that?

He flew into the shadows and this was the only chance I got to capture him take off with it... but he has his chewed piece of turkey in his little legs, and he is flying away with it. Isn't that the weirdest thing?

Fall is such a cool season. :)

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