Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cyan's review for March

Daily work/Life skills... Daily calendar work includes writing the date two different ways ("Tuesday, March 18, 2008" and "3-18-2008") which she puts on most of her daily assignments.

Math... We have been working with money and place value lately. Carrying 10s has been a bit of an issue, but we are starting again, working with popcorn, glue and popcicle sticks, and so far it seems to be sinking in. As far as money goes, we have every thing down (including addition and subtraction of money) up to a dollar. The switch to over 100 is getting her every time. We are working on that.

Science.... We are still primarily doing nature studies and small nature experiments. We are writing weekly in her eco-journal and having at least once every two week outings to see all the life that is budding in our area right now. Last week we went to see two baby great horned owls at the Nisqually Refuge. We have been writing numerous small stories about arctic animals, and watching videos on them constantly in our free time. She is rather enthralled.

Social Studies... She is in a homeschool group are on at least one outing a week. Yesterday we had a St Patricks day party with cornbeef and cabbage and all the gold and green trimmings and crafts.

Fine Arts... Cyan draws all day long. Ever single assignment has a drawing aspect, even if I didn't know it. ;)

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