Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Today, like any other

Wednesday is our nature day.  Although today was full to the brim, so we just did a little bit of nature study (Ecojournals, and then took pictures of the beautiful snow) and mostly did fun stuff with friends.

Every other Wednesday, a friend of mine runs a reading group, where she reads a book (at a public library) and the kids draw pictures from that book and then share with the group at the end.  It is wonderful for Cyan to have this time with her friends.  She is happy about it every time she sees it coming on her calendar. 

Before we can go though, we need to get through some basics.  Today was Singapore Math... we have just started this program, so we are not even half way through the first set of books yet.  But with place value, I decided to make sticks with 10 beans on them up to a hundred, and then have 9 more besides so she can create any number 1 - 100.  It has worked out really well so far.  She is understanding it, and today, all by herself, she made 100 and called me over to see.  I love it when you can see they are more than ready to understand a concept.  The gentle type of learning that she is doing is the best for our family.... no one feels a whole lot of pressure.  Well, of course, except for me.

You can see where I was sitting behind her... with all my nature books right next to my chair.  LOL!  I am loving reading them while she is working.  Now I just need to resist the darned computer a bit more.  ;)

Here is what Logan does for a lot of the morning right now:

Some times the strangest things bring out the creativity in my children.  Here is what Alex did when he found a feather stuck to one of the eggs this afternoon:

I found this little "man" above my microwave when I got home.  What a funny little surprize!

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