Wednesday, March 19, 2008

One of THOSE homeschool moments...

...where you wish you were invisible.

We are high maintence library patrons.

Ok, so Cyan and I are checking out our 22 items from the library (these are the items that were on hold), and Cyan went to look at the new DVD's. As she is walking back to me to show me her finds, she spins the DVD rack (pretty much as fast as she can). Low and behold, DVD's shoot in about a 10 ft radius around the DVD rack as my daughter stands there, completely speachless.

Oh yes... the library ladies loved me today. Some laughed, and said it was alright... others were not so much. We helped pick them up and left VERY soon after. I am guessing the lady that was sorting as we left is STILL sorting, an hour later.

A big lesson in centripetal force was learned today

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