Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Field Trip

Friday is our field trip day.  Today we went to the Conservitory at Wright Park about an hour from here.  It was small, but beautiful!  There were tons of plants around and some were just amazing to see!  My favorite was the All Spice plant.  The herb is taken from the dried leaves and let me tell you, it smells just like the dried herb!  It was a pretty plant too.  I will have to remember that one if I ever build my permanent green house that I have in my head. 

Here is a picture of the kids looking at a pool of Koi and Goldfish, and one catfish named "Wilber".  That is my long legged girl in the forground.  Sorry for the bad shot, but all the others included pictures of the faces of other peoples children.  I try not to post those.

The whole time we were there, it was just dumping snow outside.

The beauty outside, was of course, rivaled by the beauty inside:

It was a beautiful trip.  Add it to a play date with other homeschooling friends, pizza and a movie night, and you have a pretty darn good day.

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