Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Some fun resources

I have been writing my own curriculum this year.  Sometimes, it feels like I plan SO much more than we actually get anything done that I feel overwhelmed, and like I am not good at this curriculum thing at all.  But it isn't the planning I am bad at.  I am KILLER at the planning.  It is getting the things done that I planned.  lol...  So lately, I have wanted to plan (at least to a point) the rest of our weeks this year and put forth some studies for summer (which will all, in some way, be out in nature and the garden).  I have been working on a resouce list for others to help with their troubles in this area.  Sometimes, it is just helpful to know where to start.

A free planner and unit study sheet so you don't loose where you got your book on whatever and what video you watched that sent all that crazy info on who'sawhat'sa home in your child's brain.

The HomeSchool Mom

The second one is for those of us who are doing unit studies as science and social studies.  You don't have to have copies of your moms 400 editions anymore. Although it is tempting to see some of this in print.  This site even has lesson plans for unit studies (like the one we just did on Elephant Seals)

National Geographic Magazine

Jan Brett is one of my all time favorite children's book author/illustrators.  She also has a very generous heart to give all of these artistic drawings for free along with hundreds of activities and ideas for the homeschool (and not so homeschool) classroom.

Jan Brett's Activity Pages

This site has been wonderful for creating worksheets to help my daughter with math.  I provide manipulitives, which usually correlate with the other studies we have been doing (like when we were studying the NW Forests, we gathered 25 pinecones, and 25 acorns and she did her math with them for weeks), but every time I have needed a refresher for her on addition, subtraction, or even the begining fractions, this site has been wonderful.

The Math Worksheet Site

This is a website I use often enough to buy.  It was $19.95 for the year, and I paid it with glee.  Just search on something you would like to see your child research, or learn, or even build on... and they probably have some dittos, or games, or worksheets, or "Draw and Write" (I use the site for these most often, and have even made my own).  They have some stuff for free, but I have found it worth the money.


Ok, that is it for tonight.  :)  Night all!

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