Thursday, March 20, 2008

We sew on Thursdays

Here is Cyan with her 4th sewing lesson from last week. She is loving it. This week we are still working on paper, but I told her that if she got her regular school work done 'the easy way' we would make her kitty toy today. She has been waiting to make Taio a cat toy for weeks... it is big incentive. Plus, I just don't feel like doing a whole lot of eyeballs falling out reading work. Sewing sounds like more fun!

Logan desperatly wanted to help... he was SO upset he could not touch the sewing machine. So he settled for this instead:

Apparently, a huge bag of lace from a friend is fun too.

The book we have used for these lessons is My First Machine Sewing Book by Winky Cherry. It is a great reference, but not necessary. Before we got the book, I was having her sew, with no thread, through simple mazes that I printed out on line. Basically this is what they teach. They do have some information I did not about what parts of the machine are called. But the machine they use is very old, and with mine being a pro machine, they don't always even have the same parts. Luckily, the book costs less than $20 and it is a great way to get a curriculum pattern down for teaching to sew.

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