Monday, May 19, 2008


We have tons of different kinds of birds that visit our yard this year. I am thinking there were not as many last year as there are this year. But it may just be that I wasn't paying as close attention.

Here are some pictures:

A Stellar Jay

The back of a American Robin

A blue Western Scrub Jay

A Chestnut-Backed Chicadee

Another tiny bird we never identified

A flock of Grey Bushtits with one token chickadee for good measure.

Black Capped Chickadees,

And these are only the ones I have been able to capture on film. We have also had Warblers, Humming birds, and a couple Swallows.

My neighbor friend, who is 12 years old, knows easily as much (if not more) about local birds than I do. Apparently, she has studied them all year with her class and knows all of them. Her favorite being the Black Capped Chickadee which she told me all about through the fence the other day. I am finding them more fascinating watching this girl enjoy them than I ever did on my own. It is wonderful, looking through the eyes of children. :)

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