Thursday, May 29, 2008

New camera and pics of kids

My husband talked me into buying myself a gift yesterday. A Nikon D60. I got the package from Costco with the double lenses, carry case, and extra SD card. I only just got it all charged etc last night, so all of these are with the flash, but they look pretty good. Can not WAIT to get outside with the thing. I think we may have to stop at the Nisqually Valley today after grocery shopping.

It is nearly 10pm... can you tell who my night owl is and who isn't?

Love my guitar. :)

My mantel... I just can't seem to change it. I love my pictures. :) Perhaps I can take some new ones to put up there or something... it has been just about the same for about 4 years.

Can we say "I love my library!":

That's it for last night... today there will be more. Garenteed. *glee*

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