Sunday, May 25, 2008

Medieval Garb

We had a party yesterday with a Knights and Miadens theme for a 4 year old friend. The mama had set up a jousting line, a fencing square, and an archery area too. They had a friend juggle for them (and she was really good) and a cake made to look like a castle and sheild. It was amazing! The kids had a blast although most of the kids got really hot in their long sleeved midevil outfits. Here is Cyan in hers (I missed Alex in his, he took it off the second we got there):

I made this dress to go over another I made for a winter fairy costume. A couple small adjustments and it was perfect as "Lady Cyan from house Rose" yesterday.

Alex juggling... that was totally awsome! The kids want a juggler at their carnival party now. They stood by her 50% of the party at least, just in awe and trying to do what she was doing. Cyan talked about her all the way home. (It helps that she was in the shade on this super hot May day.)

The archery area... another huge hit. Esp for the older kiddos. They had a lot of fun shooting the arrows together.

And last but not least, this was the backdrop for the party just on the other side of the fence (I don't think she could have planned it more perfectly!):

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