Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Innercity Nature Tour part 2 - Breeseman Forest

The day started out with a visit from a little friend:

This little guy has become quite friendly lately. He has taken to following me around the yard, watching me... I do suspect he is also the one that has taken to pulling up my pea seedlings and eating them too... But I forgive him... mostly. He is cute.

After some school work, and the visit from the bird, we got in the car to head for the second half of our Innercity Nature Tour with our friends.

What a lush and beautiful forest they have in the middle of Spanaway. It was beautiful! Once again, we had toddlers with us (and other children that had no voice control that day), so although we were always on the lookout for wildlife, all we saw were a few adventurous birds. Mostly, we saw things like slugs. The river was beautiful though:

The kids found lots of fun things to do and explore:

"I wonder what is living in here?"

Then they drew what they saw:

She took that quite literally:

From Cyan's angle:

Then they had a bit more fun.

After that, we had some lunch... then we got to go exploring some more:

It would have been great to spend the whole day there, but the kids were tired. When we got home, every one took a nap. I woke up to Alex getting off the bus, and this:

I love my kids... they are such goof balls!

The pictures really don't do the Breeseman Forest justice. I was chasing toddlers or wrangling a jogging stroller a bit too much to take pictures of every beautiful thing I saw. But it was a really nice place... full of new leaves, little flowers, and singing birds. All right in the middle of one of Washington's cities. I love places like that... it makes my heart sing that someone thought to save that space for my kids to walk through. I can't wait to go back. It was a great day.

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