Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Cyan and I have been working on geometry this week. Her Singapore math book is nearly done... we should be done by the time we fully give up on school this year. For now, we are still going, but only about half time for book work, and then twice as much for science, measuring, nature walks, art, and other fun outdoorsy type stuff. Today, we were told to try a simple tangram, we decided to go online and find the more traditional one.

Here is a kite she made up herself.

She tried to make one, but doesn't cut quite well enough for hers to work out. So we gave that one to Logan, and she folded another one, and I cut it out.

Here she is trying to make a cat like mine. :)

Here is a candle she made looking at the model on this page. The first thing she said was "I know that the bottom is thicker than the picture, but I liked it better this way."

'Let me out! Playing with paper is boring.' (Just for fun, check out this picture... this is Cyan, age 3)

'Finding bugs under things is much more fun!'

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