Monday, May 12, 2008

New art skills...

Cyan is a natural artist. She is always drawing something. Her skills usually come out in drawing, but that may be because that is my prefered artistic outlet. It is the least messy, and the most containable. Heck, you can draw just about anywhere. :)

Here is her latest:

Yes, she accidentily ripped the corner off.

Can you see the unicorn with a man on it's back? Can you see the snake in a coil? Can you see the caterpillar? Or the perfect 'a'? Or the other thing that she doesn't remember what it is (little, to the bottom. Has a face.)

I think this type of stuff is amazing.

Alex's artistic expression lately has been very... boy... lately. LOL!

This was the inside of my Mother's day card:

And this was what he made with the pearler beads that night:

Yep, it's a guy, mowing his lawn. I just thought that was so funny!

I love the art that is coming out in my kids. I love that I am being able to capture these things on a blog too... it sounds funny. But I just wouldn't be able to find the time to scrapbook this stuff. I wouldn't dedicate myself to it. It takes hours for me to perfect a scrapbook page... and I love doing it, but it just wouldn't get done. I would rather be out playing with my kids! So this is a perfect medium for me.... it is artistic, but also can be nothing but words. It requires little thought, but still looks good, and I can do it all from my house. No new scissors or gadgets or widgets reqired.

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