Friday, June 26, 2009

Awwww... gotta love cool summer days.

Today it was about 65* all day long. It has bouts of warm sunshine, and bouts of cool breezes that made the wind chimes in front of the house ting with a nice rhythm. The kids have been outside all day long. We have been having fun with sidewalk chalk and crafts. Who knew that recycled cereal boxes, and $5 worth of sidewalk chalk could make up such an afternoon.

My newest fun craft project:

Boxes and lids made from old cereal boxes:

Craft-a-long coming soon. :)

Cyan and our neighbor friend Page decorated this one with little wooden hearts I had stashed in my craft stuff. They considered them a huge find for today. :)

Then, this afternoon, something magical happened...... well magical in the land of two-year-olds anyhow: A fire truck stopped right in front of our house!! (Our neighbor across the street is a firefighter. ;) )

Logan even got a badge sticker and got to go into the fire truck AND turn the lights on!

He was in seventh heaven and he waved until they were out of sight.


Tan Family said...

What a neat day! I love the way you reused the cereal boxes. Great idea!

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Oh wow, those boxes are so adorable!! Love how Cyan decorated one of them with wooden stars... it looks great!