Friday, June 5, 2009

Sign off

We are going to loose cable Internet for a couple days for the move... but we have the keys and the house is ready for us to move in! :)

And just to keep school in the post, here is a pic from this morning of our crazy sweet potato plant:

And our tomato experiment:

Even with the toddler abuse the bottom one seems to be doing ok. The top one has FLOWERS! :)

See you all next week and hope you have an amazing weekend!!!

~ Val in the Rose Garden


Bookworm said...

That sweet potato plant is so pretty!!!

My son planted an avacodo seed the same way. We potted it over a year ago. Now, it needs to be repotted. It's gorgeous. Probably will never bear avacado but gorgeous (and fun) nonetheless.

Thanks for sharing!

sarah in the woods said...

We're trying an upside down tomato this year too. It's not doing as well as our regular ones but it's growing. Yours looks great.