Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Early Ed ~ Button sorting

I remember my mom's button basket fondly. It was a round basket with a top... which is rare, but she found two... one small and one large. The large one was decorated with a red tassle on the top. She held all sorts of things in that basket over the years. I even saw it last year when I helped her clean out her house to move to CA for good. But my favorite memories of that basket were when it was filled with baggies of buttons. She had buttons saved from old tee shirts, buttons cut off jackets that we grew out of, buttons from the stores she had picked up for a purpose and just never got around to using. All of these buttons were such a wonderful facination for me.

I have been trying to recreate that with Logan.

I got a bucket of buttons from a craft shop, put them in a tupperware I had and let him pick out a set of measuring cups when we were at the Goodwill one day.

Today I asked him to find me all the blue ones (one of the 4 colors he knows on site):

And then put them in the big cup.

We did that for about 15 minutes... with him asking me "Dis blue one?" and me saying yay or nay and then him putting it in the cup. Then he decided that we needed to use the little cup:

Alas... the little cup doesn't even fit one button. lol... but he sure did try for a while.


Crescent Moon said...

My girls used to love playing with buttons when they were little. I

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Awww... how cute that he is trying to fit that button in the smallest one! I love playing with buttons... even now! LOL Looks like he had a lot of fun, and he seems to know blue pretty well. :-)