Friday, June 19, 2009

Early Ed ~ Something New

In the newly remodeled homeschool room, I left this little shelf open for Logan's early ed stuff. At first, we had Logan's button sorting, and he played with that for a few days. Then last night, I was walking through Target and I saw this wooden tray. Made of rubberwood, it is sustainable (as much as anything made new can be) and beautiful! I thought it would be the perfect Montessori activity tray. So today, I went to Goodwill to see if I could find him some little dishes and I came home with two lotus dishes in green and two smaller ones in brown. PERFECT for his transfer activities! All in all, the set (and another small plastic tray with dishes to match) cost me $22 and I have two trays (lg wood, and small plastic) and 5 pairs of small bowls in varrying sizes.

This is how it was set up, and he couldn't wait to move it to his table and try it. I actually had to go find peas so he could do this because he was sitting there, waiting at the table for me to finish this activity for him.

First he transfered with the spoon which is said to help a lot with writing skills later on. Then he started picking up the bowls and dumping the peas (very carefully) into the other dish. I know that isn't really how it is supposed to be set up... but I figure, he sees me do that in cooking a lot... so I think the first is a 'pre-writing skill', and the second is a 'life skill'. :)

He enjoyed it so much that he did this for over 10 minutes before he stopped... but not before he cleaned it up and carried it (with me as a spotter) back to the shelf

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Annicles said...

Any kind of transfering is good preartion for writing. A child needs to be able to control their whole arm as well as the hand and fingers on the end of it before they are ready to write. This is a great activity and one that even our 5/6/7 year olds return to even though it is out for the 4 yo's! Good life skill as well though!

Fab castle - I could do with a hide-away today!