Monday, April 28, 2008

Getting Creative

I made a game, in which Cyan has to put the short vowel word 'leaves' on the correct page of "vines".

My reluctent reader is driving me crazy. It is amazing that when Alex was this age, I was completely ok with him not reading... but now that it is Cyan, and I am soley responcible for her education, the fact that she doesn't want to read is a constant struggle for me. I am trying not to be a killjoy. I really am.... but sometimes I just want to PUSH... really hard. She can do it. She just doesn't care. That, more than anything, drives me crazy.

So I get creative whenever I can:

And another thing... she can name which ones are proper nouns, and which ones are common nouns... but she can't read them.

It was fun to play with her though. :)

We are also as creative as possible with math. After working with all the kids at the Math in the Garden class, Cyan was more interested in our Garden Graph... but nothing came up. She kept going out there, and no seedlings to be seen. She was starting to get discouraged.... when... peas started poping up everywhere! And then, today, sunflowers!!!

I can't wait to see what the next week will bring. Her whole graph should be full in about two weeks. :)

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