Monday, April 28, 2008

Math in the Garden Follow Up

It has been a little while, and our mini garden box is starting to show signs of life. First up, of course, was the radishes. They are always very rewarding for the less expeirenced gardeners with how fast they sprout. The kids just LOVED watching them come up. Then were the sunflowers... and then Logan knocked the whole thing over. lol... so we had to carefully adjust them, so that the seeds were in the right places again. Now the carrots are coming... and the whole box is truly looking alive!

Math in the Garden box, April 28th

Alex is an avid seed collector. Sometimes he will collect seeds or seedlings and put them in pots. This time, he has been rewarded with a few Calendula seedlings coming up for him, and starting to grow at an alarming rate! He is very excited that he has his own little pot of flowers. :)

Alex's Calendula Seedlings

The big garden is showing signs of life too:

Black bitter current flowers (the sweet ones are not near so pretty, but I have two bushes and they cross polinate each other).

Spinach seedlings. Aren't they cute??

Garden sunflowers. Ready to bring bees right where they need to be.

Did you ever wonder the difference between "Fall Baring" and "June Barning" Raspberries? It is pretty clear this time of year:

Fall baring raspberry patch

June baring raspberry patch, right next to it

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