Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What I do when I am sick

I am sick today. Luckily, it is Nature Day, and so the kids spent the morning drawing nature outside... keeping a loose eye on their baby brother while I sat in here (inside the picture window) and vedged on the computer with tissues and a cup of tea.

When I get sick, I feel useless. It is a hard mix... because uselessness makes me restless... and restlessness makes me do stuff and tire myself out. And tiring myself out, usually makes me more sick. So I am constantly finding the balance between being a lump who just thinks of a million things to do, or doing them all and being sick for a week.

So today, all I tackled was the homeschool closet, the homeschool shelf, and the living room. It was a big job... but I didn't fold laundry. I held back. lol...

I wish I had some 'before' pictures. But I don't. So you will have to suffer with only imagination to see what it looked like before. (A well organized, but cluttered tornado would be a good estimate.)

Here is 'after':

There was four times the stuff in here. I had all of the prop boxes for Nutrition/Body Studies, Life Cycles/Butterflies, Sign Language, Pioneer Days, and Astronomy. These are huge boxes... sometimes with things from 5 different families studies in them. So they took up a LOT of room. Now they are taking up a lot of room, in the garage. And just the stuff I use daily (or weekly) is left in here. It looks SO much more accessible than it did. I can even find my Yoga stuff at the bottom with out digging under blankets (which were retired to Goodwill).

Ok, the homeschool shelf:

This is pretty much the way it was. It was just on the other side of the room, and in this spot, was a 6ft sewing table, which has been retired back to the garage again. I have finished the two quilts I was working on... and it has just been clutter (except for Cyan's Sewing Thursdays) for the last month.

Not that Sewing Thursdays will not continue. They will, for sure! We are both really enjoying them... but she just got to using thread... so 90% of the stuff I had out here was for my use, and I am not using it. So this, and a small Tupperware in the closet with a needle set, thread and some machine thread is all she will need for a few weeks yet. Then, hopefully I will have gotten my sewing room in the garage up and active again and the living room will be a little less cluttered until it gets cold again.

Ok, that is all. I am going to have a cup of tea, and watch a show with my darling (and patient) husband who has been pampering me all day long. :) Goodnight blogworld.

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