Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wenesday Is Nature Day

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Wednesday is our Nature day.

Cyan's assignment today is to sketch something living that she can see in nature. She and her sketch book have been having a wonderful time. I will add the efforts later.

I don't have many words today, as I want to be out in this beautiful spring day with my babies... but here is some food for thought (one of my favorites, and my quote for this month):

Four Meditations

My job is not to be perfect.

My job is to participate in the evolution of consciousness.

My job is not to provide a perfect life for my child.

My job is to support him while his own resources are awakening.

When I am strong, I contribute to the Universal Mother.

When I am weak, I call upon Her.

I have more resources than my mother; I do not judge her.

My daughter will have more resources than me; I do not judge myself.

~Holly Keinath Eckert

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