Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This blog should be called "I have a toddler"

This morning I have:

Been pee'd on.

Cleaned up an entire box of ZipLock baggies.

Cleaned up every plastic lid we own off the floor (and one out of the garbage).

Reorganized the cupboard. Twice.

Locked that same cupboard, twice.

Gotten the baby out of the garbage.

Gotten the stuff the baby has put IN the garbage, out of the garbage.

Stopped him from eating paste.

Cleaned up his basket of plastic bowls, cups, and sippies at least three times. (They are on the floor again.)

Read three books... all featuring animals that talk, one sings twinkle twinkle little star at high pitch and high volume at the end. That has been running sparatically in the livingroom all morning.

Gotten the baby off the table more times than I can count.

Picked up the cd's.

Found the DVD folder.

Been a spotter while he climbs on the couch, bed, table, counter, stool, bathroom toilet, and computer chair.

Stopped the paste eating contest. (yes, again)

Cleaned up peanut butter and jelly out of his hair.

Stopped him from nearly killing Cyan's catepillars by taking the cup and trying to open it while making the 'food' sign.

Hid in the shower while husband took over for about 2 minutes.

Listened as he SCREAMED because the children actually pushed in the chairs like they were told.

Looked up "m,m,m,m,m ,moikoj" on Google.

Changed my internet settings back to 'full screen' and resurrected my 'info bar'.

Pulled him out of the fire place.

And it's 9:20am.

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