Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fun With Friends

Monday is library day. We didn't go yesterday though. It seems our days have been adapting to people coming to visit a lot lately. Cyan's best friend has moved back close to us after two years with her military family half way across the country.

We had her spend the night on Sunday (it is her spring break this week. Ours is next week.) and she got to "do school" with us yesterday. Cyan loved it SO much. First, they did their date work. They both made pictures of their favorite things , then I had Faith draw a sketch of a fish in a tank (which she did beautifully!) while Cyan did her Explode the Code, and Singapore Math.. then we all read a book about Africa, and watched an episode of MeerKat Manor. After that I printed out a map of Africa and they got to color the country there where the meerkats live. Then they did a ditto I made about meerkats and their habits (Cyan's is below).

But first, a little bit about these friends:

Here they are at 4 years old.

They have been friends since the day they were born. In fact, I was in the delivery room when Faith was born, 6 mos pregnant with Cyan. So technically, Cyan was there. :) It has been a special, almost family relationship. They are as much cousins as friends, as Faith's mom and I have been friends since we were freshman in highschool. They have moved, a lot. And we have not. Even when they were far away, Cyan flew on a plane for the first time by herself to go see them. They have always had a connection, and they fight just like family and love just like family and constantly talk about each other. I really hope that they continue this relationship throughout their lives, as the few really long term relationships I have had in my life have been the most interesting, and often the most rewarding.

Ok, back to the schoolwork we did yesterday:

Here is Cyan's meerkat ditto. She drew a picture of the meerkats doing the things they loved best and then answered the questions. They both loved doing it, and thought that the little critters were fasinating. It was a fun day... and of course, because she had motivation, she was done with school by 10am. So they got to play for the rest of the day.

Oh, the joy of friends.

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