Saturday, April 12, 2008

The glory of the first sunny day...

Today it is warm. For us, that have been in freezing tempratures up until last week, it is down right hot. The kids are in tank tops, the pool has been filled (even if they only went in it up to their knees), and we are having all sorts of fun with the sun... my dad, Margret, and I top dressed the garden with smelly compost soil, it took about two hours. And the kids occupied themselves:

"Something is in here... I know it is..." (perhaps mostquitto larve? Blech!)

Flower collections for all (my neighbor and I were both given one).

"What do your kids do when you are hucking soil?" my neighbor asks... "They light things on fire." I say without a hitch.

Alex is currently writing on dry leaves with a magnifying glass... sort of burning/writing... I told him he was allowed to move up to paper if he kept it on a plate and had a hose handy...

Homeschooled kids are the coolest!

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