Monday, August 17, 2009

Ballard Locks Fish Ladder

The Seattle Mountaineers held the Annual Ballard Locks Big Fish, Little Fish kids activity this last weekend. The activity this year was wonderful! First off, the kids had to become fish for the game. They had to put on fins and practice their mouth breathing. They started out as eggs at the top of a big river (blankets laid out on the grass at the top of a hill). Then, as they pulled cards and told the kids what to do, the 'fish' playing the game got bigger and bigger, until they could go down stream to the ocean. In the ocean they got to do a little dance and play for a couple years, and then had to go back UP the river to leave their eggs behind, hidden from predators, to start the cycle all over again.

Cyan and Logan just loved this! Both had a great time! (One of the dad's got a little carried away and it was just too cute not to photograph.)
You can see how half way through my littlest fish got really tired from down and then up that hill with all the big kids. But he made it back up without any help and he hid his egg too. It was neat to see him doing the whole thing without us. Don was close by just in case he needed it. But he didn't. My baby. Sigh.

After the game, we went down to through the locks, and then to the salmon ladder. I had no idea how much bigger Chinook salmon were than Coho! They are close to twice the size. I thought the Coho from last year were big! Goodness... these were HUGE fish. Our tour guide said they can reach 50lbs. Logan is only 30lbs! lol!

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