Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hide and Seek

Logan is such a doll. Last night he and Cyan were playing hide and go seek. This game with Logan has been set up so that Cyan hides every time... which he is fine with. He will run to where ever I am, 'count' and then come out and 'find her'. And she is so sweet about it. She always hides in places he can find her, or will start making noise within one minute so that he doesn't lose interest in the game before he gets to find her. It is so super cute!

Well last night, I was sitting here, reading facebook and waiting for the glue gun to get hot for our toad house making project, and Logan runs in: "1,2,5,7, 8,9! Ready or not... I coming!"

Then tons of giggling comes from the livingroom. Then he runs back in here and yells: "1,2,8,9,4! You ready!"..... and it was NOT a question. lol! And it was followed by tons more giggling. :)

I love my kids. I love not watching tons of tv or hooking them up to video games. Good music going, waiting on a fun art project, and listening to my kids play... like kids should. I love it so much!

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