Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tomatoes tomatoes!!

Our tomato experiment is almost done. The tomatoes are turning ripe right before our eyes. Cyan got the first one off the plant the other day. What a LONG experiment this was!

We have been keeping track of how many tomatoes we get from the plants and so far it is:

Potted plant: 1

Topsy Turvy Plant: 0

I was wishing we had a scale when we started this, becuase then we could measure in pounds instead of in tomatoes... but this will do for now. Maybe I will ask friends if they have a scale at History Class today. It would be more accurate to tell the effectiveness of the upside down plantter if we were to do it that way.

In other tomato experiment news... this is what happens to a tomato when a toddler thinks it's a cherry:

(No, I didn't tell him that. lol.... He just said it was a cherry, popped it in his mouth, and prompty spit it out and wiped off his tounge on his shirt. He was not pleased. But it was really cute. ;) )

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Crescent Moon said...

I like your experiment, because my son was trying to talk me into buying one of those Topsy Turvy Tomato planters and now I can see if it really works.