Saturday, August 15, 2009

New nature table stuff

Last week, while at the market, I stopped by this little toy shop on that same street. This set of birthday rings were on the counter for $4 a piece. Wonderful price! I was so excited that Cyan and I set it up today, even though their birthdays just past.

We kept with the beach theme... she put silks and the 'sandy' doily down, and then added all our treasures from the beach a few weeks ago and a couple bits from our nature table box too.

Cyan was convinced that this lantern was a light house, and I was pretty happy to go along.

It just looked so beautiful today with all of this nature beauty that I had to capture it on film.


Sadie said...

What a beautiful table! We have some new additions to add to ours from our trip too

sarah in the woods said...

I really like your nature table and the rainbow candles. Pretty.

Tracy said...

I love birthday rings and their versatility for seasons tables. Be careful if you use them for birthdays, though! We figured that next year we will spend almost $30 just on beeswax candles if we can find them for $1 each!