Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bluerberry picking with the kids

They are SO close to being ready. I think they are waiting for one big rain. We have had the sun, but the rain is needed to make the blueberries plump up and I think it is coming on Friday. I am crossing my fingers it does, because everything in this state could use a good dumping. Our usually wet area is now very dry. We have fire warning posters up everywhere.

The kids and I have been checking the free blueberry patch nearly every day thinking that there will be more blueberries. But not yet. Today we got just a few more than last week. The ripening is very slow for my miniberry eaters, and so I decided to make another blueberry craft.

Blueberry picking cups! They are made from a riccota cheese container and a sour cream container. I put a wool felt cover on them and then decorated them with wooden buttons and more wool felt leaves. I think they turn out so cute!

And they work pretty well too.

Happy kids. :)

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Michelle said...

Those are adorable berry picking cups! So neat to see! You are so creative and crafty! I love it!