Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cherries, strawberries, and blueberries, oh my!

Ok, so that really doesn't flow off the tongue like "Lions, Tigers, and Bears" but they do seem to be stalking us around every corner right now. lol...

The family and I spent the morning thrifting, and the afternoon has so far been spent moving veggies from one freezer to the new one so we can make room for a 1/4 of beef, and starting out fruit drying in the drying rack. I decided to try drying again this year because I saw a mama online that had the most amazing trail mix with her dried fruits! So I am going to try to keep extra close watch on my berries and see if I can duplicate the yummy, leathery goodness she got from her food dehydrator.

Cherries are what was used in her trail mix. I hope they work as well for me. :)

Here are the blueberries we picked up. All 30lbs of them. :) I only did one rack of the blueberries because I really enjoy them and use them frozen, so most of these will go for that. But I wanted to try it, just because it looked so good.

Then came strawberries. These are the very last of the season. I have tons and tons packed away in the freezer, but these have been kept out for my little drying experiment. Here Cyan is helping me by cutting and putting the last rack on the dryer.

12 hours until we know whether we have something eatable or fodder for the compost. But it was fun to try!

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