Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Creativity and time

One thing that I have loved about homeschooling Alex, is that his imagination has just exploded. I think, for some kids, they need a lot of space to be creative... and public school just really doesn't give you the mental space to do that. Cookie cutter projects that the most creative you can be is to put the wings on your paper cut out butterfly on upside-down. Not that this is all classroom experiences... but many are like this. And the creativity of a lot of children is stunted by this lack of choices.

Alex has just really exploded in how creative he allows his thoughts and ideas to be lately. And in that freedom, he has found a bit of humor, and a more than the standard media violence (in fact, his violence has grown in creativity to a frightening degree... but I think that has more to do with hormones than influence). Of course, this also means he has a lot of time.

Where most kids are rushed off to one sport or another after spending 8 hours in school, he gets to spend 3 hours a day in school and have all the rest of the day to his own creative devices. This means that one some days... he has the time to bring his drawings to life (of his own accord):

My favorite thing about this phase he is in is the details. The tiny things that make you realize what he must have been thinking.

What is that? A pen cap? Something he did himself by hand? Neat little details.

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keri said...

I agree...homeschooling does allow plenty of time for creativity.
Nice creature!