Friday, April 10, 2009

Eggy Crafts #3 ~ Egg Dying

Believe it or not, my children have never died Easter eggs. One year, when Alex was a little tike (like under 5) we dyed eggs with onion skins and red cabbage and we got some really beautiful colors. (Beware: If you are not careful with this method, you get scum colored Easter eggs.) But I have never been one to go out and buy egg dye.

In my garage, I have boxes for each season. When looking in this box for their Easter baskets, I found an ANCIENT box of PAAS egg dye. It must have been 10 years old. The pink dye pill was smashed, the edges of the box were old and faded... but I was pretty sure that with some white vinegar we could make them work fine. And we did! Cyan was SO crazy excited she was beside herself. She got out all the eggs we got to boil and dye, and set the eggs to cooking all by herself. (I was around, but doing secret things which I will show later.)

Cyan pulling the eggs out of the water after they were done cooking.

I measured out the vinegar and let the dye dissolve, and then Cyan poured in the 1/2 cup of water in each one.

Then came the fun part, of course! Picking which eggs to put where.

We colored some with a white wax crayon first, so they would have those cool little designs on them.

About this time, Logan woke from nap. I figured it was best to give him a job.

He was our professional egg turner. He did pretty good too.

By the time we were done we had 2 dozen beautifully colored Easter eggs for our hunt on Sunday morning!

Aren't they beautiful!?! I put Logan's name on one and Cyan decided to put her name on another. Considering she couldn't see what she was doing (white on white) I thought she did a really great job.

And my personal favorite egg. I have no idea how this one ended up OD Green, but it is. And I love it! I have already claimed this one for Easter morning. Cyan said I had to find it first. ;)

Logan was happy to help us clean up.

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Anonymous said...

What a great fun!
I was wondering, do you use the white crayon before or after you dye?

Thanks so much and God bless!