Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring in a Sunday fairy house

Three little girls spent the sunny afternoon in my back yard talking about fairy houses... when I came out they were building one. They laid out pictures of the ones they wanted from Cyan's fairy house books, and then built the house above... 100% on their own. It was so beautiful! There is even a "recycled table" (ie: a bottle cap from Cyan's superfood) with small cut up peices of apple on them (from their snack).

Afternoons like this make a childhood. So often kids afternoons are spent playing video games or sitting indoors watching tv. If they only knew what they were missing! I am so lucky to have a community (including my on line friends) that believe in life away from the screen. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside thinking of a whole huge group of children getting these amazing experiences.


BranFlakes said...

That really is beautiful!!

sarah in the woods said...

Sweet. . . and pretty.