Monday, April 27, 2009

Ocean Side at MTM!

Top row: Seaweed juice (superfood), Iceberg with jelly penguin, candy sushi
Bottom row: Tiny shells with seaweed (parsley) and cheese, octodogs (both sides), mini goldfish crackers

Seriously, I have been planning this for days. The kids were very involved in making this weeks MTM meal... they helped with every step.

I learned something new about my children today... they both know how to use sharp knives... correctly. I knew I hadn't been worried about either of them around knives forever now, but today I put my finger on why I was so comfortable with them using my Cutco's and my other really sharp knives. They have knife technique. Stabilizing with their finger above the knife, holding the bottom of the blade, everything. I was not that surprised with Alex, but Cyan too.

I love being home with them to learn these things. It makes me happy.


1/4 cup butter
4 cups mini marshmallows
6 cups crisped crispy rice cereal
20-25 gummy worms
1-2 box fruit leather


Grease a 12x17" baking sheet.

Melt butter in a 2 quart saucepan over medium heat.

Add marshmallows and stir until smooth.

Remove mixture from heat and stir in rice cereal until it is evenly coated.

Turn the baking sheet so that the shorter ends are at the top and bottom (I covered with parchment paper so that it wouldn't stick at all).

Then press the marshmallow mixture onto the sheet, distributing it evenly.

Starting at one side an inch up from the lower edge, place gummy worms atop the mixture end to end in a horizontal line.

Gently roll the lower edge of the marshmallow mixture over the gummy worms (this is where the parchment paper came in really handy. I rolled it just in the paper just like I would us a bamboo roller with real sushi).

Then stop and cut the log away from the rest of the mixture.

Use the same method to form 3-4 more logs.

Wrap the sushi rolls in a fruit leather and then slice each log into 1 inch thick"sushi" rolls using a very sharp knife (do not press down much or you will squish them).

The only thing that I could say to improve this is if you are not going to eat them right away, don't cut them until you are just about to eat them. The cut gummies get hard really fast (like hours) and are hard to eat.


The Masked Mommy said...

Cute!!! I wanted to include an octopus, but thought of nothing! Why didn't I think of the hot dog thing? Next time!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Oh your mermaid more than made up for the lack of octopus. Trust me, that was adorable!


Tiffany said...

So cute! The sushi is really neat & how fun for the kids to be able to help!

Ruby said...

I'm especially drawn to the sushi. What is the center? Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Amanda said...

I was considering the mock sushi for our menu too! Yours came out awesome!

libby said...

Love that sushi candy - so creative. It's great getting your kids involved. I actually kept mine right out of the kitchen this week as I wanted to surprise them.


KJ said...

Wow, Great tin!!

~Bobbi~ said...

I have been wanting to try that candy sushi for awhile now! You daughter makes it look too easy ;) I like how your pictures do that slide show thing.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thanks guys! I am going to add a 'how to' bit to this post so people can see how crazy easy the sushi is. :)


Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

My daughter's not a fan of sushi, but CANDY sushi... that's a whole other story! Very nice. :-)

Michelle Sybert said...

oh my gosh Val! That andy sushi is awesome! I would love to feature it this sunday in my Links post!

Seriously, fabulous job!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thanks you two! We had so much fun with it. This recipe makes a LOT of candy sushi. We shared it all day with neighbors and friends. :) I even brought some to our realtor... that's just becuase I am a dork though. lol!


Val in the Rose Garden said...

Oh and Michelle, you are welcome to feature it. I would consider it an honor. :)

Valerie, It cost about $10 buying every ingredient (trust me, marshmallows and fruit by the foot are not something that I keep in my pantry often ;) ) Seems like a fun under $10 afternoon treat.

Kayce and Robbie said...

I'm afraid to make candy sushi with my kids for fear they won't want the real thing anymore :) Great tin!

sarah in the woods said...

Cute sushi!

Jenny in Utah said...

That really is so cute ... and having your kids help make it, what a great lesson (and I am sur they LOVED it!).

Dan said...

Where can the Jelly Penguins be found? My girl fell in love with the pengi on the iceberg :-)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Dan, the jelly penguins are from Trader Joes. It also has the iceburgs. ;) Hope you enjoy your lunch with your dd!! :)