Thursday, April 2, 2009

My sweet princess

Lately Cyan has really blossomed. She has been drawing with even more depth than normal, using vocabulary that just blows me away, and grasping concepts that are more abstract. She is growing older just as clearly as the boys are... and it is a bit shocking, becuase being in the middle, she isn't into puberty, or a toddler. So her leaps and bounds are not ones you really think of as huge milestones... but they really, really are.

A couple examples. Yesterday we went to a Valentine's Performing Pigs show at our local library. It was super fun to see these pigs doing tricks and listening to the lady talk about how smart pigs are and how we should "Eat Beef". lol! At the end of the show, all the kids were crowding up to see the pigs and pet them, and I stepped back to the back of the room with a friend. I didn't tell the kids, but I thought that was alright because I was between them and the door... and I am 6 ft tall. Hard to miss. Plus, I could see them the whole time. Well, apparently that wasn't enough, because my daughter, upon finding me, said (with parent-like exasperation) "Mom! When you venture off like that, it really startles me!" At first, I was so shocked at her vocabulary that I wasn't sure what to say... then, I calmly said "I'm sorry I startled you. I'm right here honey." and gave her a hug... then she turned into a kid again, and said "Ok, good. Can I go get books with Hannah now?"

Then this morning. She was outside helping Alex clean out my car, and she came in and stood by the door just watching me.

"Are you done helping clean the car honey?"


"Ok, go to it."


"Yes, Cyan?"




"Yes Cyan?" (bit of a different tone this time)

"I need to talk to you." (Very different tone this time... scared kind of)

"Alright." (Calmer now, like dealing with someone who is bleeding)

(Comes out in a rush.) "Mom, I was riding my scooter next to Dad's car, and my scooter fell and I put three big scratches on dads car and I didn't want to tell you but then I remembered about 'Honesty' and I knew I had to tell you but didn't know how and will you come and look at dad's car (tears now) and tell me if you are going to be mad?"

It turned out that if she hadn't pointed it out, we wouldn't really have noticed at all. There was one that was about the size of a pinkie fingernail on the bumper and then the other two up above it were quite a bit smaller and could have come from anything. It was certain that she hadn't HAD to tell us... and she knew it. And she told us anyway.

I am just really proud to have such a girl.

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