Monday, April 13, 2009

Newest conversations with my toddler

In the joy of moving twice in a matter of 7 months, nothing is really in it's place. There are boxes and such around the house still from the last move, that I haven't bothered to unpack because we are moving again... So this morning, my son saw this poster sitting on our floor, leaning against the bookshelf. It is about as tall as he is and it startled him as he walked around our bed nearly right into it. He had quite a lot to say about the 'confrontation'.

"Aaahhh! Mama! Dat cat. Eat me!" He screams.
"What honey?"
"Dat cat eat me!"
"No Logan, the cat won't eat you." I reply.
"Dat cat, bite me?"
"No baby, the cat won't bite you."
"It bite. My head." He says with feeling as he puts a hand to his head.
"No honey, the cat won't bite your head." I start to giggle.
(He points at it's eye.) "He hab lellow eye. Cat hab lellow eye."
He pauses.
"It bad guy cat!"
"I don't think so." (Really snickering now.)
"It good guy cat?"
"It's just 'cat'."
"Oh. Dus cat. Oooohhh."

At this stage in life, kids suck up language like a sponge. Some of the things he has said in the last few days shock me so completely that I will convince myself he didn't say it. lol! He said yesterday that 'Daddy said we probably go see the chickens next time.' We are not going to the farm until Tuesday, and we haven't been there since last Tuesday. But Logan not only remembered what Don had said about the farm, but he remembered the exact wording he used and well enough to relay that to me completely out of context. He is 26 mos old. Blows my mind.


sarah in the woods said...

Wow! He has a great vocabulary! So cute!

keri said...

SO cute!
My daughter has an Adora baby boy that she has named Logan and she does not like cats!
I am going to show her this!