Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Where creative writing and science meet...

Adjectives and Synonyms. We use them all the time but when asked to describe something clearly, it can seem so difficult. Today's WordSmithery class was to make very simple sentences more interesting. So my children turned

"She read a book"


"The dewdrop fairy glanced through a dragon infested encyclopedia".

We did this with a whole lot of sentences, and slowly but surely, it turned to food. The Wordsmithery lesson today asked the kids to write down foods, and then make sentences that made them sound as disgusting as possible. And boy did they! Melted, slimy ice cream, and moldy, black avocados were the talk of the table... just in time for botany class!

ROOTS! Radishes, jicama, and carrots.

Both of my children took the drawing portion seriously, although very differently. Cyan drew what the radish would look like under the soil, and Alex drew exactly what was in front of him. I thought it was pretty neat that they were both right, but had such different ideas. It was easy to see where the roots connect the radish to the ground on the actual radish and in Cyan's picture. And Alex's shows the leaves and how they are connected to the bulb of radish perfectly! So interesting to have two accurate and completely different pictures of the same plant.

Neither took more than a small taste of the radishes we were studying... but Cyan was excited to find out how pretty the insides of radishes are.


Sadie said...

We pulled up our first radishes today...Lakin and Cohen ate 2 each and Rylan and Cale nibbled...I was surprised!

SmallWorld at Home said...

That is so awesome! Thanks for sharing! Funny, I read "Sadie's" blog (above comment) yesterday about radishes, too!