Friday, March 13, 2009

Art days

Alex has been working very hard on origami. He is getting so good at it that he has decided to make 1,000 cranes and string them up on a branch we found in the back yard. I think it will be a beautiful project and I am really enjoying watching him be self motivated to do a project like this. He is truly an amazing kid.

This is another one of his recent fun origami gifts to me... isn't it sweet?


Cyan could hardly contain her self as we got ready to paint. I haven't let them paint in years now and she was just beside herself! She sat there for the next three hours and painted pictures.

Alex's softer side came out at first with the painting, then we resorted back to the blood and gore that is more his current style.

This was Logan's first painting experience at home. He loved it and was quickly asking for more colors and trying to get the words right for each one. So far, he has blue consistently. ;)


Shiksa said...

Great photos! My boys love origami. They were in the play "One Thousand Cranes" a year ago, and we had cranes all over the house. Am I right that Alex is channeling the "force" (or something similar) to keep those cranes up in the air? ;) Painting is also a big hit here.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

YES! The force is strong with this one. ;)


Val in the Rose Garden said...
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keri said...

I like the origami project that your son is making...very creative!
We've been painting too. We were doing 'lessons', the kids didn't like it, so now I am letting them paint as they like.