Sunday, March 8, 2009

My cutie... 25 mos

My darling Logan... He is SO cute right now! Like beyond cute. His language skills have burst from him like a rocket. It is amazing what he can say now. Tonight, I was washing his face, hands and feet like I do most nights before I put him to bed, and he started laughing... and then he said "Mama! 'Dat. It tickles." With a cute little giggle in his very baby voice. Usually he says tickle very fast together... so it sounds like "tickatickatica". But not tonight. Tonight he was VERY clear.

He has also taken to saying "Awe man!" When he doesn't get his way... this I WILL someday get on video... because it is the cutest thing ever to hear come out of his mouth.

He has decided that books are his favorite things. When he wants us to read one, he, very politely, throws one at us. Yes. It gets old very fast. He can take a hint though. I started putting whatever book he threw at me on the floor and never reading them to him unless he asked, with words, about a week ago. Now he has started to pound me with the book instead of throw it at me at least half the time. I just can't decide which I like better.

Logan is also becoming a lovey. Cyan and Logan really never cuddled. In fact, I knew that I had to get that cuddling in really early with Logan because it wasn't going to last. He stopped being cuddly about 6 mos old. Last year it got even more extreme. He stopped nursing right before Christmas because he didn't want to sit still for that long. But I think it is finally coming around again... he has been sitting with me like in these pictures for full minutes sometimes in the last couple weeks. He even will cuddle with me in bed in the morning... for about 10 minutes... before he jumps up, pulls the covers off one or both of us and drags our hands around the side of the bed trying to pull us up to get him breakfast. But I have been surprized at how huggy and cuddly he has been for the last couple weeks. Maybe he knows I have been sick. Maybe he knows it makes me happy... and it does. So maybe it is a win/win and I should just take it.


Shiksa said...

This is so cute Val. I love the photos too.

keri said...

It's wonderful that books are his favorite thing!
My youngest is six and STILL a cuddler...more than the other ones were... Of course I encourage it!

Anonymous said...

That is so funny and ironic! You reading a waldorf book and your little one looking at a book with letters! don't let the Waldorf police see you!!! Big NO NO!