Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Easter Ideas

I am collecting Easter ideas to make for our handmade/WAHM holiday. I have gotten some great ideas and some wonderful links so far and I really wanted to share as early as possible so others can get into the mood.

Here is a link I got from Sarah in the Forest Room that has tons of great ideas for a more earth friendly and budget friendly Easter basket:

And here is one of my personal favorites. Every year I make eggs like these. An online friend of mine, Danielle, brought the idea of making the eggs even more fun and magical (and less potentially dangerous as the Cascarones are meant to be smashed over someones head. lol!) by putting tiny fairy treasures inside!

The 'How-to' is simple, although time consuming:
  • ~ Blow out a bunch of egg shells, being very careful to keep the holes small (make quiche. ;) )
  • ~ wash out the egg shells and let them dry completely (about a day)
  • ~ cover one end with a tiny piece of tissue paper and painted with watered down white glue
  • ~ let that dry
  • ~ make a funnel out of a piece of card stock and add some confetti or glitter into your egg shells
  • ~ Tuck a tiny treasure down into the egg (ideas for tiny treasures include beads, seeds (scarlet runner beans are real pretty), charms, tiny crystals, etc.)
  • ~ put a bit of tissue painted with the white glue over the other hole
  • ~ let it dry
  • ~ When the ends are all dry and the stuff is inside, cover the whole egg with tiny scraps of tissue paper and paint with watered down white glue. You have to do one side at a time as you have to be able to set them down, so try to let them dry over night for each side. While they are wet, add some super fine glitter to the outside for special effect.
And voila'.... you have made fairy eggs. Now the real trick is, to do this without your kids finding out... then the fairies can leave these treats around your house on Easter morning.

More to come.

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Amber said...

Hi Val! Thanks for your enthusiasm! If I get a chance I'll be posting more of our Easter activities this afternoon :)

Happy Easter!