Monday, March 2, 2009

On the road

What a sick and crazy week it was! Yesterday was our first day out of the house in 8 days. We went to the zoo and out to lunch at the Ram down by the water. It was great! We got to watch them feed the tiger, which was really interesting, and then the otters (4 of the 7 are babies this year) were wrestling with each other and knocking each other off rocks. We were at those two cages (they are next to each other) for about an hour, just watching the otters, and then hearing the tiger growl and go running over there to see what he was doing. What a beautiful beasty he is!

Logan was especially cute at the zoo. This was the first time he has gone when he has been old enough to really run around and be out of the stroller. He would run up to everything... even the fish tanks, and peer in at the critters and say "hello?" which of course, when you are newly 2 comes out as "he-woe?" It was pretty much the cutest thing EVER!

We were all worn out by the end of the day and came home and took naps. I think even Alex slept until dinner, but we were SO excited to have gotten outside! I told the kids that we had to take it easy today, but tomorrow they are even allowed to play with friends after schoolwork.

Getting back to normal! YAY!

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