Sunday, March 8, 2009

Finally, a NOT sick day!

I still have a sinus infection.... but I don't care. I am getting back to my life if it kills me!

Today we had a great time during school hours. Our schedule switched again this last week, which means we do school F/S/Su/M for the month of March. Lots of weekend school hours.... but fun ones. :)

In the last three days we have been studying United States holidays. The lesson in MBTP very quickly moves on to traditional holidays in other cultures, but the kids were SO interested that I decided to stick with the US for a little bit. We read the Declaration of Independence and then I read it again off this site (a bit clearer for the little ones). I printed out United States Symbols from EdHelper for Cyan and she colored the booklet while I read. We moved on to other traditional holidays and I read different stories for each one that were based in history... then she made a holiday booklet that included the ones she remembered the most and she colored little pictures and wrote sentences of what they mean to her. I loved Valentine's Day:

"On Valentine's Day we celebrate peeple we love! YUE!"

So cute!

We got in a bit of science today as well... the kids built volcano's! They did every bit by themselves, including making the shopping list so we could have enough salt and 'all purpose' flour. Just to make it that much more challenging I had Alex split the recipe in half so Cyan could make a little one... where Alex's was made with a 2 liter bottle, Cyan made hers with a little 20oz bottle. They loved it!

Cyan's dough for the outside.

Decorations with our neighborhood friends who came over for the blow up.




Alex's volcano:

I loved that they had completely different ideas of what would make their bottles 'mountain like'. Alex picked twigs and branches as 'trees'. Cyan was convinced that hers needed to look like it was made of dirt because "all mountains are made of dirt".

Time to explode!

It was a great day. :)

I have decided that my house needs to be more messy. I know that sounds weird, but I have continually bordered on being 'clean', but not really, because I love my children to express themselves and be able to do art whenever they want... and I don't really have enough time left in this house to worry about finding the perfect spot for everything as I did in the last house... so it is just going to be dirty. And I have decided that I just don't care. Bring on the paint and the paper mache! I am ready!


Shiksa said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. I hope the sinus infection clears up right away.

Great volcanoes!

keri said...

I like the volcanos done with bottles. We have a mold that we reuse.