Sunday, March 22, 2009

Opening up the world

During the first half of first grade, Cyan and I were talking about maps and I asked her to draw what she thought the places she knew looked like. The picture above is what I got from her later that day. I thought it was adorable! Esp considering that each area is separated by water. Apparently, we all lived on special islands only known to her. ;) I love kids.

Yesterday, she brought me this map. She said it was of the whole world. I found it VERY interesting to look at how much of the world and world shape has opened up to her this year. There are still some quirky things... like all of Europe is labeled "Kazakhstan". The UK, Spain and France have apparently been taken over by Borat's people (no, my daughter has NOT seen that movie...). And Africa is strangely missing. But her scope and world view has changed dramatically from 6 to 7...

For a second graders view of the world, the things she hasn't learned about, she really can't 'see'... you know? It was just really interesting how far she had come.

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STEPHANIE. said...

Hello, first time to visit you, I like your blog and your kids are adorable. Have a great day.